MOVING to the Flat Earth Times

We are pleased to announce that the Thirsty Turtle Times is MOVING!


To the Flat Earth Times.

Thank you all for your patience as the Thirsty Turtle Times goes about a rebooting process.

We live in a startling new world. In 2011, the Thirsty Turtle Times began as a proud platform for fake news, Our understanding of this term at the time was news that wasn’t real but told the truth anyway.

Property of the Flat Earth TimesBut there has been an awakening, on the Dark Side of the force.

That alignment of words and meaning has been washed away by the rising tide of a very malicious kind of fake news. There emerged a movement of lies, lies that masked themselves as truth, designed to galvanize the hateful predispositions within us, into accepting false conclusions. Fake news of late has become, in short, a force of evil.

Where does the Flat Earth Times fit into this? We’re getting to it.

Still bound by the calling and the drive that built it, the Thirsty Turtle Times carried on, a force for positive reinforcement and encouragement to the coalition for reason – a fighting force against crazy people. That battle can no longer be fought only at the university level, or only in one town.

But we will do it right.  We want you to know, when you read our news, that we also think the Earth may be flat.

You want the truth you feel, not the truth you know. The world is flat, and our news is real.

We will always be thankful to the Thirsty Turtle, the legendary College Park, Maryland bar that was both our namesake and inspiration.


That spirit will live on.

Welcome to the Flat Earth Times!


Property of the Flat Earth Times

The Thirsty Turtle Times will remain operational temporarily, and will soon begin forwarding to the Flat Earth Times.

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