Our New Logo is Fucking Awesome

Look at this logo:

We Keep it Realer than Reality

It’s fucking spectacular. And since we haven’t made a penny off this site yet, and since the real Thirsty Turtle is defunct, no one can sue us. We win for eternity.

This logo is on our Twitter page. You should follow us (@ThirstyTimes). If you don’t have Twitter, get one just for us.

This logo is on our Facebook page. You should become a fan of us. If you don’t have Facebook you’re either really really cool or really really weird. Most likely the ladder. We don’t have a Google+ page. If you have one of those, well, we’re ok with your lifestyle choice.

Seriously, this logo is awesome. It’s the best thing to come out of Microsoft Paint since the Obama Hope Poster.

Things are changing around here.  The Thirsty Turtle Times is a growing enterprise, and successful growth works on systems. So from now on, I will not publish my personal notes on our official account (THIRSTYTURTLETIMES).

I will write from this account as Editor in Chief.


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